WaterTOP message on World Water Day2020

“Today is the World Water Day!

In the previous years, all over the world it was celebrated.

2020 is different…

The humanity realizes, in a dramatic way, that we are very vulnerable human creatures. An if now we are challenged by a virus, in the near future we might be challenged of depleting water resources, deteriorated water quality and appearance of new micro-pollutants.

Now staying home mitigates the risk of getting infected and all the world is in expectation the scientists to develop a vaccine. For sure it is just a question of time, not a question of possibility.

Will however staying home will safe us in case of global water shortage?

Is there an (artificial) way to cover the human’s water needs without relying on natural water sources?

Do we do our best to alert the public attention that eventual water deficit may challenge our physical existence at a greater scale than the Coronavirus? 

Let’s each of us think over these questions in the World Water Day 2020…”

Wish you HEALTH to you and the people closest to your heart!

Assoc Prof Dr Galina Dimova-Boykinova, Science Communications Manager, WaterTOP

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