WaterTOP “Citizen Science” meeting in Napoli, 22-23 Sep 2022

A meeting dedicated to Citizen Science projects was held in Napoli, on 22-23 September 2022. The meeting was organized by Profs. Luciana Tartaglione and Carmela Dell’Aversano of the Dept. of Pharmacy, Univ. of Napoli Federico II (UNINA).

Participants from the water supplies of Napoli (Acqua Bene Comune-ABC), Sofia (Sofiyska voda JSC) and Athens (EYDAP SA), private sector laboratories (Anahem) and the water associations (Global Water Partnership) discussed with researchers and academics about various aspects of water quality, focusing on citizen science projects for sensory evaluation of drinking water. The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) participated in the meeting, with a presentation and discussion of CS projects by Dr. Claire Murray.

One of the best parts of the meeting was the visit in Napoli’s ABC facilities and its water museum. Members of ABC (Dr. Leopoldo Esposito, Elena Botillo, Mauro De Pascale, Marianna Caropreso) organized an excellent guided tour and explained the processes of drinking water distribution to the city of Napoli.

In the meeting room at UNINA

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